These sets are available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes and in some cases from subjects that are unique to our range and need specialised techniques for their preparation.

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Slides made from material that is difficult to obtain and mount  

A set of 6 stained slides to show human, mammal and plant reproduction stages. These include human chromosomes male, human chromosomes female, sperm smear, animal cell mitosis, onion root tip l.s and onion root tip c.s

 Price £14.00

Slides of honeybee parts including, wing, mouth parts, front leg, pollen carrying leg, antenna and sting. Four slides of pollen including pine, lily, mixed and germinating all suitable stained. Ten slides in all.

Price £12.50

A set of 10 whole insect mounts and some insect parts. Species includes; mosquito heads male and female, flea wholemount, termite worker and soldier wholemount, dog tick wholemount, butterfly antennae, weevil whole mount and fruit fly.

Price £10

A specialist wholemount set of ten of the more common parasites.   Not for the squeamish! Includes human head louse, male and female dog flea, deer tick, male and female mosquito and mosquito eggs, avian gamasid mites, mosquito mouth parts and blood flukes.

Price £18.00

A set of 10 slides from one of the most popular sources of material - pondlife! Most are of whole mounts and include; diatoms mixed, rotifers, paramecium w.m and conjugating, amoeba, euglena, cyclops, freshwater sponge, daphnia and hydra.

Price £15.00

Please note all the bacteria in these slides are dead, stained and permanently mounted under coverslips. The slides are therefore safe to handle. All are stained with the Gram stain method. This set needs a x100 objective to view.

Price £10.00

A set of six slides of parts of fish suitably stained. The tissues are gill, scale, blood, heart, skin and intestine. Ideal for the many fish keepers that would like to know more about fish anatomy

Price £10.00

An excellent set of 10 slides of common garden and house plants - stained. Species include; magnolia, lily, begonia, delphinium, ivy, geranium, coleus, venus fly trap, crown of thorns and orchid.

Price £10

Parasitic worm eggs are very difficult to make permanent slides from. However our slide preparers have mastered a unique technique that preserves them in a life like form but the price reflects this. A set of six different species.

Price £20

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