These sets are available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes and in some cases from subjects that are unique to our range.

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A set of 10 stained sections to show some of the more common diseases that plague garden vegetables. Species includes; cabbage black rot and club root, wheat rust, carrot soft rot, onion smut, potato blight, and potato powdery scab.

Price £12.50

Sections have been taken through the centre of the young developing fruits. Excellent structural detail. Species includes; guava, apple, japonica, cucumber, mulberry,tomato,lemon and pear.

Price £8.33


A set of 10 whole insect mounts and some insect parts. Species includes; mosquito heads male and female, flea wholemount, termite worker and soldier wholemount, dog tick wholemount, butterfly antennae, weevil whole mount and fruit fly.

Price £10


A specialist set of mixed wholemount and specimen sections from some of the more common parasites. Not for the squeamish! Includes ascaris worms male and female and wholemount eggs, blood fluke and tape worm.

Price £6.66


A set of 14 slides from one of the most popular sources of material - pondlife! Most are of whole mounts and include; amoeba, paramecium, zooplankton, algae, hydra, euglena, clam, chlamydomonas, spirogyra, volvox, desmids and diatoms.

Price £12.50


Please note all the bacteria in these slides are dead, stained and permanently mounted under coverslips. The slides are therefore safe to handle. All are stained with the Gram stain method. This set needs a x100 objective to view.

Price £9.00


Eleven stained sections from common vegetables. Some very interesting structures. Species include: carrot, runner bean, pea, cucumber, tomato, cabbage, potato, celery and broad bean.

Price £12.50

An excellent set of 10 slides of common garden and house plants - stained. Species include; magnolia, lily, begonia, delphinium, ivy, geranium, coleus, venus fly trap, crown of thorns and orchid.

Price £10


A set of 11 slides taken through the whole buds of the various plants. Plants include; orchid, lily,cabbage flower, lemon flower, blueberry blossom, tobacco flower bud, daisy, lilac and guava.

Price £10


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