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Brunel Specialist Slide Sets

These slides sets shoe good specimen composition often enhanced by the use of specialised staining techniques.


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Prepared slides of a higher standard.

9 slides of insect structure including an excellent set of mouthparts from mosquito, locust, butterfly etc.

Price £8.70

A set of 12 slides stained with special techniques to show features not normally shown with conventional staining. Includes injection and impregnation slides. Photograph is of brain cells.

Price £21.30

29 slides of plant material including leaf, root, stem, bud, seed, fungi, mosses, lichens, fern and pollen.

Price £25.22

24 preparations of animal tissues covering the major organs. An excellent primer set.

Price £23.48

A set of 100 boxed slides covering plant, animal, insect, freshwater, embryology, microbiology and special technique slides. Excellent quality slide preparations that make a biology course on their own.

Price £83.49

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