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Ideal for inspection of surfaces and specimen measurement

Brunel SP110M Series Metallurgical

Metallurgical Microscopes

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Brunel SP110M Metallurgical Microscope

Brunel SP110M  analyser/polariser filters

Brunel SP110M illumination system

Brunel SP110M infinity plan objectives
















Brightfield and Darkfield configuration SP110M & MBD

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The SP110M Series are extremely versatile metallurgical microscopes. The pole stand and base arrangement allows large surface areas as well as very thick materials to be examined. These are an ideal instruments for the inspection of  surfaces of all types and  electronic circuit boards for example. It is also extremely effective for specimen measurement. The microscopes can be supplied either as a bright field model or as a combined bright/dark field unit. In addition we have a specialist version, the SP111M, with a double length support pole and Mitutoyo style bright field objectives with extreme long working distance. The SP111M is described in more detail further down this page

The SP110M infinity plan objectives are of excellent quality. The illumination system has a stand alone transformer delivering 12 volt 50 watt output. The incident lighting has an integrated field and aperture diaphragm allowing Kohler  illumination. The SP110BD can  toggle between bright and dark field observation simply, by a push/pull lever. Similarly polarisation filters can be introduced to the optical path, and the polarising filter can be rotated through 360° via a thumb wheel arrangement.

The lamp housing has full bulb holder adjustment, with bulb filament focusing to ensure optical path alignment.The microscope base has a central raised mechanical stage area measuring 185 x 140mm with a movement range of 35 x 30mm. This element can be removed, and the instrument supplied with a large square stage with no mechanical adjustment.

The whole optical unit can be moved up and down the pole stand to accommodate a wide variety of specimen thickness, with fine focus being by a rack and pinion system with full tension adjustment.  

Price: SP100M (Bright Field) - £1875 + vat

Price: SP110MBD (Bright/Dark Field) - £4033.33 + vat

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x10 measuring eyepiece             SP110-01


x60 plan bright field objective      SP110-08


x20 widefield eyepieces (pair)      SP110-02


 x80 plan bright field objective      SP110-09


Stage micrometer                       SP110-03


x40 plan dark field objective        SP110-10


Universal digital SLR adapter       SP110-04


x60 plan dark field objective        SP110-11


Digiadapt needed for SP105-04   SP110-05


x80 plan dark field objective        SP110-12


x2.5 plan bright field objective      SP110-06


x100 plan dark field objective      SP110-13


x40 plan bright field objective       SP110-07


CCTV adapter                            SP110-14


Brunel SP110M & MBD Microscope Accessories

The SP110M series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

Brunel SP111M Specialist Metallurgical Microscope

 SP111M dual LED illumination systems

 SP111M Extreme long distance objectives


Working distance

Price if purchased individually

Mitutoyo style option

x5 M Apo Plan


£480 + vat


x10 M Apo Plan


£850 + vat


x20 M Apo Plan


£1200 + vat


x50 M Apo Plan


£1440 + vat


x100 M Apo Plan


£2995 + vat


Brunel SP111M

Designed and manufactured by us, this is a specialist metallurgical microscope responding to the need for very long working distance objectives that can examine inside chambers and through glass ports in research products for example. This is an extremely flexible instrument with both incident and transmitted LED lighting that can be used together or independently. The double length support pole allows specimens with significant depth to be examined. In addition the trinocular head provides a ‘right way round’ that allows a degree of manipulation using the lower power objectives. It can be supplied with standard bright field/dark field objectives with standard working distances or with Mitutoyo style extreme long working distance bright field objectives. These are of course expensive and the turret can be supplied either with a full set (x5, x10, x20 and x50) or  specific objectives as required.

The stage area has full mechanical adjustment with drop down coaxial controls and a glass centre plate for the transmitted lighting system. The incident light path has polariser/analyser filters with the polariser able to be rotated through 360 degrees. A flexible metallurgical microscope available exclusively from Brunel Microscopes

Price: SP111M (Bright Field/dark field) Standard objectives - £4833.33 + vat

Price: SP111M with Mitutoyo style bright field objectives (full set) - £6500 + vat

Brunel SP111M Mitutoyo style objective options

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