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Brunel Microzoom

The Brunel Microzoom has been specifically developed for those wishing to use CCTV with monitor visualisation of image as an alternative to direct use of a microscope. This is an ideal application for electronics and other uses that require either the low power scanning of  large areas or reworking and manipulation of components.

The single video zoom lens has a magnification ratio of 1: 6.5 which with a typical CCTV system using a 14” monitor gives a magnification range of x15 to x100. The zoom lens has a particularly long working distance of approximately 120mm, with a field of view of 20mm at its lowest magnification and 2.5mm at its maximum.

The video zoom can be supplied with:

Plain non illuminated stand with reversible black/white stage plate and stage clips.

Illuminated stand with incident and transmitted 12v, 20 watt quartz halogen illumination.

Heavy duty base with long arm facility.

All bases have vertical support columns, and the focus block assembly has a rack and pinion focus system with 60mm of travel.

The Microzoom, can be supplied in a number of system solutions. Free standing epi-illumination or fibre optic cold light systems are recommended for the plain and long arm bases. JVC high resolution CCTV cameras and Hitachi or Phillips medium or high resolution monitors are supplied as part of the solution packages. Alternatively the video zoom can be supplied without stand or CCTV equipment.

Price Microzoom unit only - £168.51

Price Microzoom complete with plain base and ring light - £276.60

Price Microzoom with illuminated base - £293.62

Price Microzoom long arm stand - £421.28

Brunel Microzoom Microscope

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