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Visual monitoring of production QC of any type of material

Brunel Microzoom

The Brunel Microzoom has been specifically developed for those wishing to use CCTV with monitor visualisation of image as an alternative to direct use of a microscope. In the production or repair area, the Microzoom is much easier to use for checking detail than a conventional microscope. Effectively there is only one control - the zoom magnification.

This is an ideal application for electronics and other uses that require either the low power scanning of  large areas or reworking and manipulation of components. The Brunel Microzoom is available in a choice of two configurations. Either directly attached to a camera that allows visualisation on a monitor or TV screen (Microzoom Direct) or an alternative system which allows both direct vision by an individual as well as visualisation on a monitor (Microzoom Dual).

The zoom magnification, which on our standard units runs from x20 to x135 when using a 14” screen, is simply accessed by turning a thumb movement through a small window towards the bottom of the unit. The lens system remains in focus (parfocal) throughout its zoom range. The working distance of our standard units is 95mm and the field of view ranges from 17.6mm at its lowest zoom down to 2.7mm at its maximum. Each has an LED ring light with brightness control fitted as standard.

The standard units can be fitted with auxiliary objective lenses (0.5x and 2x) that can vary the zoom range and working distances, and if needed coaxial lighting in addition to the ring light can be provided. Should your application require variation from the standard units, please contact us ( and we would be pleased to discuss options.

The Microzoom units are supplied either on a rectangular base for the Direct version or an oval base for the Dual version or if more work area is needed both are available on a long arm arrangement.


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There are two main options for displaying an image from both Microzooms.

Digital Streaming Cameras.

These cameras are designed for microscopes and provide a continuous image feed via a USB2.0 or 3.0 port to a laptop or PC. These cameras through the software provided can give still images or video clips. The software also allows annotation and measuring on still images captured. Suitable for both Windows and Apple MAC.

Recommended: Brunel Digicam 5M LCMOS camera with adapter - Price: £223.33 + vat

If video clips are required of fast moving subjects - for example a watch movement then the superior frame rate of HDMI cameras is necessary.

HDMI Cameras

These cameras require a Monitor or TV screen with an HDMI input port and do not need to connect to a computer. HDMI units are intelligent cameras that will make a monitor interactive via a computer mouse that is attached to the camera. They also have SD cards for capturing still images and video clips. These cameras are ideal for providing live images and video clips of moving subjects or manipulations.

Recommended: Brunel MICA HDMI camera with adapter - £398.00 + vat

Microzoom Direct on Long Arm base

Brunel Microzoom with Ring Light

 Microzoom Direct on plain stand with MICA camera

Microzoom Dual on a plain stand

CCTV Couplers

X0.5 (standard)


Working Distance


Field of View




10x - 68x

35 - 5

1x (standard)


20x - 135x

17.6 - 2.7



41x - 270x

8.8 - 1.3


Microzoom Direct on rectangular base: £415.83 + vat

Microzoom Direct on long arm base: £745.83 + vat

Microzoom Dual on oval base: £795.00 + vat

Microzoom Dual on long arm base: £1095.00 + vat

Accessory x0.5 objective: £48.33 + vat

Accessory x2 objective: £68.33 +vat

Coaxial Light Unit (Microzoom Dual only): £58.33 + vat

Microzoom Dual on a plain stand