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Digital screens that attach directly to trinocular microscopes

Microscopy and computing are effectively merging in many ways and microscope digital screens are a good example of this. The Brunel range has two distinct systems. The Pilot screen and the Work screen. In many ways these units can do the same thing but they are designed to have quite different applications in the practical sense. These are stable quality units designed for professional applications.

Brunel Pilot Screen


This unit allows the production of still images a video clips from any trinocular microscope either high power compound microscopes or low power stereomicroscopes. It has a small 3 inch screen to aide focusing and mode selection, but its main function is transferring images via HDMI or AVI leads to TV’s, Monitors and Digital Projectors so that others can share the images. It is therefore an excellent teaching tool.

The CMOS sensor and screen is preloaded with the necessary software and all adapters and leads are provided. The screen has a series of control buttons along its bottom face that are intuitive to use and allow the following.

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Pilot Screen on a low power Stereo

Fitted into a trinocular eyetube

Work Screen on Stereo

Work Screen on Stereo

Work Screen on Stereo

Brunel Work Screen

The Brunel Work Screen uses the same intuitive software as the Pilot but has a much larger 10 inch screen. This is designed to allow the operator to use the microscope directly from the screen, but at the same time via HDMI to share images with others. Unlike the Pilot Screen, the Work Screen does not have AVI connection.

Pilot Screen on a High Power Microscope

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Click on the image to the left to see a short video clip taken at 5M (but significantly reduced to help download speeds) with the Work Screen attached to one of our IMXZ zoom stereomicroscopes.

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