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CCD Digital Cameras

Digital cameras suited to fluorescence and darkground microscopy.

There are two types of chips used in digital cameras - CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) and CCD (Charge-coupled device). These names relate to the way that light (photons) falling on to the pixels of a chip are ‘harvested’ and turned into electron charges and ultimately into digital images. CCD image sensors are widely used in professional, medical, and scientific applications where high-quality image data is required. In applications with less exacting quality demands, such as consumer and professional digital cameras, active pixel sensors (CMOS) are generally used; the large quality advantage CCDs enjoyed early on has narrowed to a degree over time but they are still preferred for professional applications.

CMOS is the chip used almost exclusively in compact and SLR digital cameras. They are less sensitive than CCD chips but are easier from a technical point of view to build into camera design - not the last reason being that CCD chips do tend to produce quite a large amount of heat when operating. However the major advantage of CCD chips is their sensitivity to low levels of light which significantly reduces the amount of ‘noise’ that they reproduce in low light situations such as fluorescence and dark ground microscopy. The more expensive units have in built cooling systems or have been designed with a physical shape that promotes cooling.

For fluorescence, in particular, monochrome cameras are preferred.  To produce colour images the pixels of colour chips have green, blue and red filters which effectively reduces the active resolution by about 1/3rd and low light situations need a full pixel response. Colours can be reintroduced by software such as ImageJ. We offer two units, one more expensive and the other less so - inevitably the image quality follows the cost. Should you need further advice then please call us.


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