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Securely attaches a mobile phone to microscopes

The improvement to the cameras in mobile phones in recent years means that now very acceptable images can be obtained. The principal on-line market places have many competing devices designed to make this possible for a minimal outlay.  Most, if not all, hold the phone in some way and then attempt to clamp the whole unit onto the outside of the microscope eyepiece with a variety of clips and screws. At best the attaching process is awkward and at worst almost impossible without the assistance of another pair of hands

However, once the scaffolding is in place there are potential optical problems. Eyepieces were never constructed with a view to having a camera placed right next to them consequently, depending on the individual eyepiece, it is not uncommon to have optical aberrations in the recorded image. Our Phonelink contains a high quality photoeyepiece which addresses this issue.

The Brunel Phonelink addresses these issues:

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Price:    Brunel Phonelink Complete  £81.66 + vat             

Phonelink and monocular

Phonelink with Stereomicroscope

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Brunel Phonelink

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