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A compact digital streaming camera that will fit all microscopes

The Brunel Digital Eyecam Plus is a stand alone streaming camera that provides a continuous live image to a laptop or PC (Windows OS only from XP to 10). The Eyecam Plus has the added advantage of a fixed reduction lens. This provides a far greater field of view compared the the Eyecam being similar to that seen by the microscope eyepiece.The camera has an external diameter the same as standard microscope eyetubes and can be inserted into the monocular eyetube (23.2mm), or one of the binocular or into the trinocular tube of almost all microscopes. This is an excellent camera that will produce still images and video clips of good quality.

The camera kit contains the camera itself, software (that allows still image, video capture and measuring) the USB lead and two stereo eyetube inserts (30 and 30.5mm) so that the camera can be inserted into most stereomicroscope eyetubes.

The Eyecam Plus itself houses an Aptina 1/3 rd CMOS chip that provides automatic white balance and exposure. Contrast, chroma and saturation can be adjusted through the software. Requires a USB2.0 port (or higher). No CCTV adapter is required

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Eyecam Plus with stereo eyetube inserts

Technical Specification

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Sensor & size (mm)

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Brunel Eyecam Plus

Aptina C 1/3.2"

2.8 x 2.8


5@1600 x 1200

Price:    Brunel Eyecam PLus   -   £115.00 + vat


Eyecam Plus in one eyetube of a binocular microscope

 In  SP30 teaching head

In SP40 Trinocular

In one eyetube SP40 Trinocular

Greenfly and wasp leg sample images

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