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Provides WiFi images to iphones, iPads, laptops and PC’s

The Brunel WiFi microscopy camera is the latest introduction to our range of photography units for microscopes. WiFi units have been around for some time but have often disappointed with the quality of image. However we are pleased to announce this unit which in our opinion gives really impressive clarity and colour balance which the photographs below illustrate. The software allows resolutions up to 5M to be selected.

At 1.3M resolution up to 10 separate devices can be independently linked to the WiFi signal of the camera and at it maximum 5M 3 devices can be linked.

The Brunel WiFi microscope will fit all our own make monocular, binocular and trinocular microscopes by using a standard CCTV adapter which connects the camera directly to the microscope. Contact us for information about the suitability of other make microscopes.

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Price:    Brunel WiFi Microscopy Camera   -   £205 + vat

Price:  CCTV adapter for WiFi Camera  -  £59.17 + vat


Brunel WiFi Microscopy Camera

Brunel WiFi Camera with Stereomicroscope

Brunel WiFi iPhone and iPad

Brunel WiFi Camera on High Power Microscope

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Stained Pine Pollen x400

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