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Quality imaging with flexible lighting.

Brunel BSL Stereomicroscopes

The BSL stereomicroscope combines superb optics with an excellent build quality. The microscope has a large flat base that is ideal for fine dissection and the pole stand with independent rack and pinion focus block which adds significantly to the stability of the system which allows specimens of any size to be examined or manipulated. The base measures 305 x 254mm and the vertical pole 305mm.

The microscope head itself is trinocular with the binocular eyetubes at an angle of 45°. The eyepieces themselves are extremely wide field with an exit diameter of 22mm, with a high eye point making them suitable for spectacle wearers. Each has individual dioptric control. The optical body has a streamlined shape with the zoom magnification controls set towards the back of the unit on either side. The objectives are planachromats giving an excellent quality flat field of view.and a zoom ratio of 1:9 that gives a magnification range of x7 to x63 with a working distance of 110mm. The field of view range is 3.49 to 33.8mm depending on the magnification selected.

In order to allow flexibility of illumination the BSL is supplied with a standalone double flexible arm LED lighting system which can be positioned most appropriately for the specimens to be examined. Usually this is behind the vertical pole with each arm to either side and at an angle that gives the best light modelling which is particularly useful for photomicrography. However, all other options are possible and is the keynote of this system

Price BSL with dual illumination system - £1048.33 + vat

Brunel BSL Series Microscope Accessories

x20 widefield eyepiece                  BSL-02


DSLR camera  adapter                  BSL-06


x10 measuring eyepiece               BSL-04


T2 ring state camera make            BSL-08


x0.5 objective lens                       BSL-05


Stage micrometer                         BSL-07


x2 objective lens                         BSL-10


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