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The Brunel ‘flag ship’ stereo with a possible magnification upto x320

Brunel BST Stereomicroscope

The BST Stereomicroscope provides unrivalled optical performance in its price range. The infinity parallel optical system provides excellent quality upright 3D images from all types of specimens. The BST has standard features usually associated with major brand names of far greater cost.  

Most notable is the ergonomic head that has eyetubes that will tilt between 0 and 35 degrees to suit the height of the seated operator as well as the usual interpupillary and dioptric eyetube adjustments.. The zoom provides a magnification range of x8 to x80 with the extra wide field x10 eyepieces and the x1 plan achromatic objective that are supplied as standard. This can be extended to x2.4 to x320 by the use of additional eyepieces and objectives can be supplied as accessories.

Brunel BST Series Microscope Accessories

x15 widefield eyepiece (pair)          BST-01


x0.5 CCTV adapter                        BST-09


x20 widefield eyepiece (pair)          BST-02


Universal SLR adapter                   BST-10


Polariser/analyser                         BST-03


Stage micrometer                         BST-11


Drawing attachment                      BST-04


Fluorescent ring light                     BST-12


x10 measuring eyepiece               BST-05


T2 ring for SLR adapter                  BST-13


x0.5 Plan apo objective lens          BST-06


LED ring light                                BST-14


x0.3 achromatic objective lens       BST-07


Black/opal acrylic plate                 BST-15


x2 Plan apo objective lens             BST-08


Double beam splitter port               BST-16


Brunel BSR dual illumination

Brunel BSR LED Illumination

Brunel BSR single boom long arm

Brunel BSR plain stand

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Brunel BST Coarse and fine focus

Objectives available


Plan achromat (supplied as standard)




Plan apochromatic


Plan apochromatic

Eyepieces available


Extra W/F 22mm (supplied as standard)


Wide field exit diameter 16mm


Wide field exit diameter 12mm

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The stereomicroscope head is also equipped with a photomicrography side port and an iris diaphragm with a pull lever to deflect light to the camera system when needed. The BST has a substantial support stand with a good size base that is also very thin which is made possible by the ultra thin LED illumination system. The base has both incident and transmitted LED lighting that is rheostat controlled and can be used independently or together as needed, and the angle of the incident unit can be varied to suit the subject matter.

The support column is 340mm in length and has a rack and pinion focus system throughout its length and has both coarse and fine movement controls. The stereohead can be fixed in two positions on the support column using an allen key adjustment to suit both small and larger specimens. In each position the focusing range ia 105mm and the working distance in either position is 78mm with the x1 objective. This working distance will increase or decrease in proportion to the magnification if accessory objectives are used. For example the working distance with the x0.5 objective would be 156mm. The large stable base provides a good working area and is equipped with a lage glass dissecting platform and specimen clips.

The BST has a wide range of accessories that includes a double port beam splitter to accommodate both CCTV and SLR cameras simultaneously. A drawing attachment, polariser/analyser  filters, dark field attachment and measuring eyepiece are amongst the standard accessories available.

Price BST + LED illumination coarse and fine focus stand - £1583.33 + vat

Brunel BST Iris Diaphragm

Brunel BST Ergonomic Head

Brunel BST Stereomicroscope

Brunel BST Stereomicroscope

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