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Brunel BMDZ Stereomicroscopes

The BMDZ zoom stereo is a relative new comer to our range of zoom stereomicroscopes. This is a stereomicroscope that benefits from the latest in design technology and is available with a plain stand, two versions of LED illuminated stand and a long arm version.

BMDZ Stereohead Specification

The BMDZ is a full zoom trinocular stereohead with a magnification range of x7.5 to x45 with the x10 widefield eyepieces. The range may be extended to include x3.5 to x180 with additional objectives and eyepieces. The zoom mechanism is operated by side arm control knobs. The eyetubes have full interpupillary and dioptric adjustment and eyecups are supplied as standard. The unique features of this stereohead are the fact that the trinocular tube shares the images with the binocular eyetubes  which allows the microscope to be used at the same time as the image can be viewed on a monitor or PC by others. Providing the correct adapter is used the two images are parfocal which makes the BMDZ an ideal stereomicroscope for teaching and demonstration. In addition the zoom mechanism has a lock control  so that a predefined magnification can be set. This is particularly useful in an industrial environment where the instrument may be used by several operators.

Stand Options

The stereohead type can be supplied with one of four stand options



If supplied with stands SD1 or SD4, the stereohead can be fitted with an LED or fluorescent strip ring light. A large Gliding Stage unit is also available for the long arm version. The Gliding Stage measures 450 x 300mm and moves freely in any direction making it ideal for rapid screening of large objects. In addition the centre glass plate can be fitted with an LED back light system

Price BMDZ + Plain stand (SD1) £520.00 + vat

Price BMDZ + Illuminated stand (SD2) £591.67 + vat

Price BMDZ + long arm base (SD4) £888.33 + vat

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Brunel BMDZ Series Microscope Accessories

The BMDZ series has a range of accessories available from our online shop.

x15 widefield eyepiece                  BMS-01


x0.5 additional objective lens (SD4)   BMS-09


x20 widefield eyepiece                  BMS-02


Stage micrometer                         BMS-10


x1.5 additional objective (all stands)   BMS-03


Photoeyepiece                             BMS-11


x2 additional objective (SD1 & SD3)     BMS-04


T2 ring (state make)                         BMS-12


Gliding Stage                               BMS-05


LED Ringlight (SD1 and SD4 only)       BMS-13


x10 measuring eyepiece               BMS-06


Photography attachment  SLR       BMS-14


Polariser/Analyser (SD2 only)         BMS-07


Universal SLR adapter system       BMS-15


CCTV adapter                              BMS-08


Brunel BMDZ on LED stand (SD2)

Gliding stage base for use with the long arm stand

Brunel BMDZ on long arm stand (SD4)

Brunel BMDZ on plain stand (SD1)

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