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CCTV Cameras
Most CCTV cameras are suitable for connection to a television, VCR or to a computer via a PCI card or equivalent.
In addition to conventional CCTV cameras, the EDUCAM system is a versatile video camera unit that can be attached to both compound and stereomicroscopes, and the Brunel MINICAMS are light weight and economic alternatives to conventional CCTV cameras. The Brunel Video Microscopes are a new concept that have a CCTV unit fitted within the microscope that can be attached directly to a monitor, TV or a computer

CCTV Cameras:

Brunel Medium Resolution CCTV Camera
A very effective budget good resolution CCTV camera with a 1/3 inch IT CCD, with a minimum 1.5 lux response. The unit has a resolution of 420 lines, with an automatic iris and gain control together with white balance compensation. The Brunel unit gives particularly effective colour resolution and is recommended as very good value for money particularly for amateur and semi professional applications.
Price £126.67

JVC High Resolution CCTV cameras
There are several very prominent manufacturers of CCTV cameras, all of whom produce effective and reliable equipment. Brunel Microscopes have tested the principal market leaders in this price range for performance under the specific and exacting requirements of CCTV microscopy. We are pleased to recommend JVC because of low level light response and colour balance properties. Both high and medium resolution units have 1/3 inch CCD chips, with automatic gain control and white balance. These JVC cameras have built in digital signal processors that will respond to a minimum of 1.5 lux illumination. The JVC units are high resolution with 470 lines equivalent.
Price £165.96

CCTV Adapters
CCTV cameras have a standard screw thread normally used for the lens system. For microscopy no camera lens is required as the microscope itself acts as the lens system. The screw thread can therefore be used for attaching the camera to the microscope.

Simple CCTV adaptors screw into the front of the camera unit and slide into the eyetube (either monocular, binocular or trinocular) of the microscope in place of an eyepiece. These will also fit into stereomicroscopes with an eyetube insert adapter. However because they have no lens system the field of view is greatly reduced compared to an eyepiece.
Optical adapters contain a reducing lens system to restore the field of view to that observed through the microscope eyepiece and are recommended for that reason. Most of our range of microscopes have adapters listed as accessories. In addition we offer a universal optical adapter that will fit any standard trinocular tube. Modification adapters are available to fit Leitz and Olympus non standard trinocular tubes.

Simple adapter - Price £13.61 (stereomicroscope insert £10.21)
Optical adapter - Price £125
Modification adapters from - Price £29.78
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Brunel SP100
Trinocular with monitor attached
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