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A lighting pod that offers different types of microscope lighting

Brunel Multilite Unit

Brunel Multilite Unit

It is an inescapable fact that microscope imaging owes as much to the direction and type of lighting as it does to magnification. In other words get the lighting wrong and you will not see what you want. This particularly applies to the low power of stereomicroscopy where top light originating from the bottom of the microscope head (ring light) produces the ‘noon day’ sun effect with little shadowing so that many structures look flat. Compare this with light shining on the specimen from an angle, the shadows created add a sense of depth to the images. The Brunel Multilite allows a choice of lighting to suit all types of specimens. The unit can be used as a stand alone light source, or if its base and feet are removed it can be attached to almost all stereomicroscope plain stands - as in the pictures below.

The Multilite consists of a bank of two goose neck LED lights , an LED ring light and an LED back light unit. All can be used either independently or together with brightness control.

Price - £275.00 + vat

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Brunel MultiLite Unit

All components are brightness controlled

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