Biological Microtechniques: Sanderson 224 pages.
We are pleased to see this fine publication back in print again.  An easy to read practical guide providing readers with all the knowledge they require to prepare better and more informative slides. An excellent book with many pictures and diagrams. BB1 £39.00

Practical Microscopy: J.E. Marson  72 pages.
A first rate guide for the novice and the experienced microscopist alike. The book concentrates in chapter form on the preparation of specimens for microscopy. BB4 £12.00

Microscopic Monsters: Nick Arnold illustrated by Tony de Saulles.
An amusing cartoon illustrated book full of microscopy facts aimed to get the junior scientist itching to get their hands on a microscope. BB35 £6.00

A Colour Atlas of Histology: Gartner & Hiatt 444 pages.
A magnificent book containing a very large number of superb colour photomicrographs and line drawings of human tissues. To A level standard. Highly recommended. BB7 £44.00

Introduction to Light Microscopy: Bradbury & Bracegirdle 123 pages.
An extensive review of the principles and application of all types of optical microscopes. The book encompasses both basic and advanced microscopy theory. BB8 £39.00

Insects on Nettles: Davies 68 pages.
A superb book for the insect enthusiast, specialising in the nettle habitat an ideal identification book for the stereomicroscopist. Recommended for its illustrations. BB9 £15.00

Ants: Skinner & Allen:  83 pages.
A comprehensive book detailing the life forms of the many species of ant including their microscopic classification. Very well illustrated. BB11 £15.00

Adventures with a Microscope: Headstrom 88 pages.
A guide book to 59 experiments using any simple microscope. An excellent book written for “young scientists” of all ages! Very instructive and highly recommended. BB12 £11.00

Modern Photomicrography: Bracegirdle & Bradbury. 94 pages.
An introduction to the theory and practice of producing high quality photomicrographs of all types of materials. BB13 £39.00

Understanding and Using the Stereomicroscope: Lewis Woolnough 88 pages
There has been the need for a long time for a book that combines the theory and practice of stereomicroscopy. As this well constructed and written book by Lewis Woolnough shows there is more to low power microscopy than many people think. Excellent pictures, and the book is cleverly divided into colour coded sections. A Quekett Microscopical Club Publication. Recommended.
BB38 £7.50

The Ultimate Guide to your Microscope: Levine & Johnstone 142 pages
This is the book that we wish we had written. It is simply excellent. Imported by us from the USA this book takes you through the process of making slide preparations for examination with a high power microscope in an easy to understand format. Excellent illustrations and instructions. A must for all of those who want to make their own slide preparations. Highly recommended.
BB39 £11.00

Colour Atlas of Rocks and Minerals: MacKenzie & Adams 192 pages
Written to accompany degree courses in mineralogy, this is also a fine atlas for the amateur geologist. There are over 160 excellent photomicrographs together with descriptions and source information about 75 different minerals and rocks. An excellent book.
BB40 £24.00
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