Brunel Fieldscope

The Brunel Fieldscope is an extremely useful field tool. It consists of three optical systems in one. Complete the Fieldscope is a x25 hand microscope with micrometer scale that measures both in inches and millimetres. The scale and the microscope focus independently, and gives a field of view of 9.5mm, with the clear skirt allowing excellent illumination. The Fieldscope divides into two components - a x4 hand lens (field of view 70mm) and a telescope with variable focus which gives excellent clarity and is ideal as a spotting scope. The complete unit weighs 290gms and measures 210mm in height.

A unique feature of the fieldscope is a CCTV camera which is available as an accessory. The Fieldvid will download CCTV video streams and capture still images via a USB connection to any PC operating with Windows 98 and above. The Fieldvid has its own adjustable optical system and attaches via an adapter to the top of the Fieldscope. Software included. Highly recommended.
Price Fieldscope: 38.30
Fieldvid: 55.32

Pocket Microscopes PMF/PMZ

These instruments are excellent value for money. Constructed from durable ABS plastic, the pocket sized microscopes have an all glass optical system which provides remarkable clarity in an instrument of this type. Magnification, PMF x30 and the PMZ zooms from x60 to x100. Focus is achieved by placing the base of the microscope on the specimen to be examined and then adjusting the focus control. In built illumination with daylight filter (batteries not included). A stage stand is available for the PMZ making the instrument suitable for slide examination. The microscope fits into the stand which has integral slide clips.
Prices PMF x30 - 11.06
PMZ x60-x100 - 16.17

Waltex Stereo Adapter

This is a unique optical accessory, and is an exceptional device for the inquiring naturalist. The unit converts any pair of roof prism binoculars into a fixed magnification stereomicroscope. The controls of the binoculars are used normally. The binoculars are simply placed on the stand and used as a stereomicroscope using the focus controls of the stand itself. The magnification depends on the power of the binoculars. For example 10 x 25 binoculars converts to a x20 stereomicroscope. We also offer a suitable pair of Waltex binoculars (10 x 25) that are fully rubberised with an excellent optical performance

Price Waltex Stereo Adapter - 39.15
Waltex Binoculars - 24.68

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