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Monitors (but NOT PC monitors) construct their picture in a similar way to CCTV cameras. It is therefore important to match the line resolution of the monitor with that of the camera. There is no practical advantage in using a high resolution camera with a medium resolution monitor or vice-versa. It is important to distinguish between a monitor designed to interpret an analogue signal from a CCTV camera and the monitors used for PC computers. Computer monitors cannot connect directly to a CCTV camera, the signal has to go through a PCI card (or external decoder) within the computer before the PC monitor can receive the signal.

Currently we recommend a 14 inch Hitachi colour monitor giving 500 lines resolution which is ideal for the resolution of the cameras we offer. This monitor is available at a very competitive price.
Price - £251.06

Technology of course continues to develop rapidly and there are now flat screen monitors that can actually fulfil both functions (at a price!). The Hitachi CML Plus can function as both a computer monitor and also a CCTV monitor, and is an excellent stylish flat screen unit with the line resolution equivalence of 558. However if images need to be captured and manipulated by computer then they will still need to be processed by a PCI card or external decoder.
Price - £778

For less exacting requirements portable TV sets may be used in place of a monitor. However the curved surface of the TV screen and the more pronounced picture lines give inferior results compared to monitors for close up viewing - TV screens are really designed to be viewed from across a room!. Budget versus quality requirements will dictate the choice. TV sets with a SCART connection can be attached directly to CCTV cameras.

Cables and Connectors

CCTV cameras and monitors usually have BNC connectors and the standard cables we supply are designed to fit BNC connections. However there are alternatives - just to cause confusion! We can supply adapters to convert BNC to phono and phono to BNC together with scart plugs for TV sets. It can be very confusing, but the right “bit” will make it all fit together. Please Email or telephone 0044 1249 462655 if you need any advice about the adapters and/or connectors that you would need - we would be pleased to help.

Applications for video/CCTV are many and varied we have tried to cover the basics in these pages. If you have a specific application and would like some advice please telephone (0044 (1)249 462655) or Email us.

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