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Registered in U.K. (England) No: 2060047

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Microscopy Accessories

Microscopy Accessories

Brunel Microscopes has a wide range of  accessories for our range of microscopes and are also specialists in the supply of stains, mountants, reagents, slides, kits, dissecting equipment, slide storage, books and DVD’s to assist with specimen preparation. In effect we are the ‘One Stop Shop’ for everything you might need for microscopy.

Universal Accessories

Microscope Cases

Slide Preparation and

Equipment Kits

Dissecting Equipment and Apparatus

Slides, Coverslips and


Stain Powders and


Prepared Slides

Solvents and Reagents

Solvents and reagents used in the more common microscopy specimen preparation techniques.

Slide Storage


Universal accessories Microscope Boxes coverslips & slides Dissecting Equipment Microscopy reagents Slides and Mountants Microscopy stains Slide Tour Microscope slide storage Microscopy books

A range of universal accessories that usually fit our own models and some other brands.  

Carrying cases and boxes to fit most of our range of microscopes. Substantially made. Keep your microscopes clean and safe.

A wide range of microscope slide equipment and kits to assist with specimen preparation of all types.

A range of dissecting equipment and apparatus to assist with all aspects of slide and specimen preparation.





A range of slides, cavity well slides , aluminium ring slides, coverslips and mountants.


Stain powders and prepared stain solutions for most of the common techniques.


We have prepared slides from a very wide range of specimen types, and we also offer instructional CD’s.


Slide storage units. Both flat storage trays and on edge storage boxes


A wide range of books covering the whole area of microscopes and specimen preparation.



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