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A professional standard microscope

Brunel Gemscope

The Brunel Gemscope is available in binocular or trinocular form. The stereohead consists of a zoom stereomicroscope with a magnification range of x6.5 to x45. This may be increased by using accessory additional eyepieces or objectives to a maximum of x90. x10 super widefield eyepieces are supplied as standard, and the eyetubes have full interocluar adjustment and each has dioptric control so that the microscope can be set to stay in focus throughout its zoom.

The stand has a rack and pinion focus mechanism throughout its length of 135mm and is hinged at the base to allow the stereohead to be used at a variable angle of up to 40 degrees. This is a professional gemscope with an excellent specification and a working distance of 103mm. The two tone instrument is of modern design and substantial construction, with the on/off switch and lighting rheostat controls to the rear of the stand. The focus controls have an inbuilt tension adjustment which can be easily set to suit the individual.

The Brunel Gemscope  is equipped with three types of illumination making it a very flexible stereomicroscope.

Tungsten halogen rheostat controlled transmitted illumination

The unit has a sliding baffle plate that allows observation by both bright field and darkfield. There is an adjustable iris diaphragm to control the width of the beam. 6 volt 30 watt.

Fluorescent illumination system

An adjustable fluorescent illumination system on a jointed arm that simulates north daylight that is needed for diamond colour grading.

Goose neck fibre optic light

A goose neck fibre optic light guide is attached to the base of the unit that can conduct halogen light to illuminate the specimen from any angle and intensity to suit the investigation.

The quality and stability of the lighting is the fundamental part of this gemscope, and the fibre optic ‘goose’ neck and fluorescent strip light are both fully adjustable. The  unit will operate satisfactorily from a 90 - 240 voltage range. The stage is equipped with a gem clamp that can be rotated, angled and lengthened to suit all specimens.

The Brunel Gemscope can be fitted with additional eyepieces and objectives, and the trinocular version has CCTV and photomicrography adapters available as accessories.

Price Binocular Gemscope - £1595.00 + vat

Price Trinocular Gemscope - £1688.33 + vat

Brunel Gemscope binocular head

Brunel Gemscope stage

Brunel Gemscope

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