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Flexibility in magnification, support stand and CCTV coupler

Microzoom CCTV Units

The MZ series of zoom inspection instruments is a modular approach allowing considerable flexibility in magnification range, support stand and CCTV coupler. Finished to a very high standard the MZ units comprise zoom body, objective lens, iris diaphragm and CCTV coupler elements.

The design of the MZ units is based on a parallel optical system and the particularly flat field of view is ideally suited to precision measurement, and the body iris provides additional clarity and depth of focus options. A focusing  micrometer element can be introduced into the top of the unit,that can also be fitted with a trinocular microscopy head for conventional viewing.

The zoom body unit has a zoom ratio of x0.68 to x4.5, and the objective lenses are fully coated semi plans.

Each unit is supplied with the zoom body, x1 objective lens, body iris and the x0.75 CCTV coupler (standard unit). A range of alternative objective lenses and CCTV couplers allows a wide potential range of magnifications and field of view. The MZ is available as a unit without a stand for  local adaptation or with a large pole stand or long arm base. The LED ring light with separate rheostat control is particularly effective for vertical illumination requirements.


Dimensions - 460 x 320 x 300mm  Weight 4.5 kg

Price MZ Zoom Inspection Series - £421.28

Specialised Microscopes

x 0.5 objective lens                              MZZM-01

x 1.5 CCTV coupler                              MZZM-06

x 1.5 objective lens                              MZZM-02

x 2 CCTV coupler                                 MZZM-07

x 2 objective lens                                 MZZM-03

Viewing head                                       MZZM-08

x 0.5 CCTV coupler                             MZZM-04

LED illuminator                                    MZZM-09

x 1 CCTV coupler                                MZZM-05

Cross hair micrometer insert                 MZZM-10

MZ Zoom inspection Accessories

The MZ Zoom inspection series has a range of accessories available and are all available from our online shop.

Asbestos Microscopy Vision Mantis Inspectoscope Comparison microscope Whole blood analysis MC1


Working Distance

FOV (0.75 coupler)



23.5 - 4mm



12 - 1.8mm



7.8 - 1.2mm



6 - 0.9mm

Brunel MZ Microzoom

LED ring light with rheostat control

Brunel MZ Zoom head

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