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Brunel Microscopes Ltd

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Wiltshire SN14 6NQ U.K.

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Brunel Microscopes Ltd was established in 1986 and has therefore many years professional experience in all aspects of microscopy and specimen preparation. We stock a wide range of light microscopes, stereomicroscopes, accessories, prepared slides, stains and reagents that are suited to the professional and amateur microscopist, as well as educational establishments, industry and research. We are specialists in the field of microscopy image capture and pride ourselves in being the “UK One Stop Shop” for all items related to the many aspects of microscopy. In addition we provide microscopy training programmes and undertake on site commercial servicing. About us.

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High power microscopes 3D stereomicroscopes Updated regularly - just a selection Brightfield and darkfield microscopes Budget and lab specification Unbeatable price HSE speciification Educational discount available Digital, film and CCTV/video cameras Digital image capture Kits for disease identification For slide preparation For slide preparation & dissection A wide range Fibre optics & spotlights For section cutting A library of help 100's of prepared slide sets We've got the one for you Fits most microscopes Who are we We would be pleased to help Encryption when its needed We are trustworthy The rules!! The most important step Safety first frontpage4.jpg frontpage4.jpg frontpage4.jpg Dog, horse, pig fertility

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Brunel Microscopes Ltd

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Dog, horse, pig fertility

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Dog, horse, pig fertility Dog, horse, pig fertility Dog, horse, pig fertility Safety first

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