These are CD presentations with a full commentary and based on Powerpoint that explain in easy to understand concepts. Information in the form of a talking science book.



CD Presentation



CD Presentation

Frog Embryology

CD Presentation


CD Presentation

This CD is supplied with a set of tadpole development slides and shows the various stages of the tadpole/frog.

Price £18


The CD is supplied with the slides set Biology 25, and explains the structures that are seen on each of the slides. An excellent educational tool.

Price £35


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A superb teaching tool for classroom or home use

This CD covers many aspects of Zoology structures including single cell animals. An ideal companion for the Zoology 10 and 25 sets of Biologic slides.

Price £10

This CD explains the various stages of mitosis cell division, with a full explanation of each change.

Price £10

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