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Dog Fertility Microscopes

Successful dog breeding has always been dependant on the knowledge and skill of the breeder - science can now assist. Whilst the bitch will often stand for the dog for several days when she has come into season, her actual fertile period when conception is possible may last for as little as only one of those days. The cells lining the vagina and cervix of the bitch change shape and characteristics at this most fertile time, and these changes are easily seen under the microscope.

Dog Fertility Kit

Our kit makes this identification process remarkably straightforward, even for those who have never used a microscope before - ensuring the best chance of success with the mating. The kit contains everything you need to carry out the swab tests on the bitch including the microscope.  Full instructions are included with examples of what you need to look for. No previous experience is necessary, and just a little practice with the use of the microscope and the materials ensures success.

The Dog Fertility Kits

Standard Kit - quality monocular microscope with LED illumination (magnification x40 - x1000). Fertility assessment kit with full instructions.

Price £271.67 + vat

Deluxe Kit - superior binocular microscope with in built illumination (magnification x40 to x1000). Fertility assessment kit with full instructions.

Price £388.33 + vat

Animal semen counts

Counting the number of spermatozoa or assessing their motility is extremely easy with any microscope providing it has a substage condenser with iris diaphragm. A magnification of x400 is sufficient. We also offer a low cost heated stage if required.

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