Aquarium and pond fish kept in an  artificial environment  are particularly prone to parasitic infestations even in the most careful situations. For a mixed population tropical tank this can be devastating and for the Koi carp keeper a nightmare. Good housekeeping is always the starting point, but often the slightest imbalance in any number of factors can result in the almost spontaneous appearance of parasites ranging from the common Ich in the aquarium, to the more serious Costia and Trichodina in Koi carp, not to mention fungus and louse infestations.


There are many proprietary treatments readily available, but the difficulty remains in positively identifying the problem - there is little point in treating something that isn’t there, that can also build up resistance to the treatment. Quite often the problem relates to water quality not parasites, and a microscope can rule out the latter very quickly. Of course we appreciate that those whose expertise and skills lie in keeping fish are unlikely to have extensive experience in microscopy. Brunel Microscopes have therefore designed kit options that simplify the whole process and do not require any previous experience.


Each set consists of a microscope and a diagnostic disease kit. In order to simplify the choice of appropriate microscope from our range of high powered instruments we are recommending the Brunel SP21 as a budget priced instrument and the SP30 as a more sophisticated and more expensive option. Either are well able to identify the full range of  parasite based diseases that can afflict fish. In addition we have a range of accessories that are also useful.

The Fish Disease Kit is available separately and can also be supplied with further accessories. Price £29

Brunel Fish Disease Kit


The Brunel SP21  is a budget high power microscope with a magnification range of x40 to x800. Price £119

Brunel SP21 Microscope

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The SP30 and SP40 range are for those who may want to extend their use of microscopy. Price £235

Brunel Fish Disease Kit

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