Suitable for fish disease and more wider applications

Brunel SP30 and SP40 series

The Brunel Westbury microscopes are ideal for those who need a microscope for fish disease identification that is also suitable for more wider applications. The Westbury microscopes will not diagnose diseases that the much cheaper SP21 will fail to see, however it is more sophisticated in the way it works and it has the potential for other uses such as for  example dark ground microscopy (with accessories) that are not essential for fish disease identification but useful should you wish to extend your knowledge and application of microscopy.

The SP30 is monocular and the SP40 binocular, but in all other respects the microscope stand is the same. The difference in price is caused by the complex prisms needed for a binocular head.

Technical specification

The SP30 has a fully rotating monocular head with x10 widefield eyepiece and the SP40 a pair of eyepieces with full independent eyetube focus and distance adjustment.

The Westbury microscopes are of a modern design with a backwards facing four position turret with DIN standard achromatic objectives giving a magnification range of x40 to x1000. The x40 and x100 objectives have retracting spring loaded front lens elements to protect the slide, for additional slide safety the coarse focus control has a variable focus stop that can restrict the upwards movement of the stage. The x100 objective is an oil immersion lens.


The slide stage is fully mechanical with drop down coaxial controls and a double vernier scale. Beneath the stage is an Abbe condenser that is fully focusing with an iris diaphragm and centring screws for optimum illumination.


Illumination is provided by a quartz halogen 6v 20 watt lighting system, that is fully rheostat controlled, and there is a quick release trap door in the bottom of the microscope. Focus is achieved by double coaxial coarse and fine controls that move the stage, and there is a tension adjustment to set the required tightness of the focus system. The Westbury series microscopes have a wide range of accessories that includes digital photography adapters, teaching head (for the SP30) and a range of CCTV cameras that allow  both TV and computer screen viewing.


Both microscopes are supplied with our disease identification kit that contains everything needed to prepare skin scrapes and gill swabs, together with a detailed booklet showing examples of what to look for.


Price Westbury SP30 monocular + kit  - £246.67 + vat

Price Westbury SP40 binocular + kit - £358.33 + vat

Price Fish Kit only - £26.25 + vat

Brunel SP40 Fish Disease Microscope

Brunel SP30 Fish Disease Microscope

Brunel Fish Disease Kit











x15 widefield eyepiece           WSTBRY-01


Measuring eyepiece               WSTBRY-10


x20 widefield eyepiece           WSTBRY-02


CCTV adapter (simple)           WSTBRY-11


x20 objective                         WSTBRY-03


Minicam for TV                      WSTBRY-12


x60 objective                         WSTBRY-04


Photography adapter (monoc)   WSTBRY-13


Teaching head                       WSTBRY-05


Photography adapter (trinoc)    WSTBRY-14


Digital camera adapter           WSTBRY-06


Demonstration eyepiece         WSTBRY-15


Stage micrometer                  WSTBRY-07


Wooden case                        WSTBRY-16


Polariser/Analyser                 WSTBRY-08


Attache case                         WSTBRY-17


SP30 and SP40  Microscope Accessories

The SP30 and SP40 range accessories includes a teaching head (only fits SP30), which consists of a monocular viewing eyetube and a vertical monocular tube with independent focusing to obtain a parallax position with most optical equipment. Also available are CCTV attachments, photomicrography heads, polarising attachments and measuring eyepieces.

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