Making slides from pollen is fairly straightforward. It is much easier to carryout successfully using glycerine jelly as the mountant under the coverslip rather than using one of the canada balsam substitutes. It is even easier if the glycerine jelly mountant has a small amount of basic fuchsin dye dissolved in  it. This will automatically stain the pollen grains as part of the slide mounting process.

Our Pollen Identification Kit contains everything needed for the whole process including the book ‘Pollen its collection and preparation for the microscope’ by John White.

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To use glycerine jelly as a mountant it has to be heated. For small numbers of slides the easiest way is to place the container into a cup of recently boiled water and it will melt quite quickly. Alternatively we sell a small hot plate that can be used to melt the mountant and also improve the quality of the finished slide. The video clip on the left shows how this is used.

Hot Plate  Price £95 + vat

Glycerine jelly is an aqueous mountant which is why it is much easier to use than the canada balsam type mountants. To make these preparations permanent, the edge of the coverslip needs to be sealed. A line of nail varnish will do, but a far better finish will be achieved using

One of the Brunel ringing cements and our Brunel Ringing Table. The video clip on the right shows how this is used.

Ringing Table  Price £42.00 + vat

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