The Brunel MX1B is an excellent value stereo giving both x10 and x20 magnifications. Ideal for dissection.

Price £112.50 + vat

Brunel DM5 Microscope

Brunel MX1B Stereo

Brunel SP22 High Power

Low power microscopes Brunel SP20 Microscope

The Brunel SP22 is an excellent value starter microscope. x40 to x1000 magnification. Price £165.83 + vat

Brunel DM5 Microscope Brunel SP20 Microscope

The Brunel Primary Set

Because both a stereomicroscope and a high power microscope are needed for bee disease identification, the MX1B and SP22 are offered as a pair at a significant discount, or both can be purchased individually.

The MX1B is an excellent value stereo giving x10 and x20 magnifications. This makes it ideal for dissection of bees. The SP22 is probably the best value high power microscope on the market currently. Magnification range x40 to x1000. Full mechanical stage, inbuilt LED illumination with rheostat brightness control.

Brunel offer the Primary and Examination set of microscopes to assist with bee disease identification. We also have microscope options for societies and clubs.

The BM1 range is a budget priced long arm that has excellent optical performance. Price £198.33

Brunel SP20 Microscope SP27 Accessories

Brunel BM1 Long Arm

Brunel SP14 High Power

Low power microscopes Biologic choices

The Brunel SP14 is part of a high power range aimed at the advanced student or professional. Price £222.50

BM1 longarm SP27 Accessories

The BBKA Examination Set

The BM1 long arm stereomicroscope and the SP14 high power microscope are the next step up for those who prefer more quality, which of course comes at a price. These two microscopes also meet the exacting requirements of microscopes suitable for those studying for the BBKA examinations.

The BM1 is a sturdy piece of equipment giving magnification options of x10, x20 and x35 and is ideal for honeybee dissection. The SP14 is an excellent high power microscope with full mechanical stage, LED rheostat controlled illumination with a magnification range of x40 to x1000.

Options for Societies and Clubs

For some time now local beekeeping societies have benefited from grants from a number of sources e.g. The  Lottery Fund, to buy equipment particularly designed to educate the public and engender interest an inform new beekeepers. Brunel Microscopes is pleased to provide quotations and advice to support such grant applications. Often funding from these sources for equipment that will have intensive use allows choices from more expensive microscopes, some of which are illustrated above.

For those whose expertise lies in beekeeping and not microscopy, we appreciate it can be somewhat confusing to chose between the many models that are available. We are here to help. In many ways microscopes are a bit like motorcars in that they all basically  have the same components - 4 wheels, a steering wheel, gear lever etc: - but in simple terms the more you spend the better the ride! However there is nothing that the more expensive microscopes  will show that the more budget models will not find. However there are of course benefits from the more expensive microscopes relating to CCTV, photography and clarity of image. For advice please visit our contact page to get in touch with us.

The IMXZ range brings zoom stereo microscopes to the serious amateur microscopist. Price £344 to £514

Brunel IMXZ Stereo

Brunel SP100 High Power

Low power microscopes Biologic choices

The SP100 is an advanced specification microscope and is recommended for its optical performance. Price £325 to £524

IMX Stereo Research Microscopes

The BMSZ range are trinocular and are available with various lighting and stand options. Price £302 to £676

Brunel BMSZ Stereo

Brunel SP200 High Power

Low power microscopes Laboratory microscopes

The SP200 gives research standard optical quality with excellent infinity plan objectives. Price £1031

Zoom Stereos Laboratory microscopes

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Price BM1 - £198.33 + vat

Price SP14 - £222.50 +vat

Price Both BM1 & SP27 - £399.79 + vat

MX1B - £112.50 + vat

SP22 - £165.83 + vat

Price Both MX1B & SP22 - £264.41 + vat









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