The IMXZ range brings zoom stereo microscopes to the serious amateur budget.

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Low power microscopes Bee Insemination

Artificial insemination of the queen bee needs very precise manipulations that cannot realistically be carried out without the use of a stereomicroscope. The insemination devices are bulky and require a large area to accommodate them together with good clearance to give adequate working distance. There are basically two options, either stereos with very large flat bases or the long arm versions that use a boom arm to hold the stereohead between the user and the insemination equipment. The later are probably the more versatile, although a little more expensive.

A zoom magnification stereohead is recommended because the potential magnification choices makes this ideal for the variable aspects of the procedure. The insemination apparatus shown below is manufactured from brass by Michael Collier of Cornbrook Bee Farm. The design has its basis in his many years practical and professional experience in this field. The unit and stereo are sold independently to allow a choice in the type and specification of the microscope. Lighting is also required and suggestions for suitable combinations are made below. There are two versions of this system. Either the insemination equipment is independent of the microscope and can be positioned where required and the microscope is then positioned using the long arn adjustment: or alternatively the whole system - insemination equipment and microscope are coupled onto a single base with adjustments for the insemination equipment relative to the microscope. Either way the price is the same.

Insemination Unit Only (no microscope) Price £998 - VAT not applicable

BM1 longarm IMX Stereo

The Brunel IMXZ zoom trinocular long arm stereomicroscope is a particularly robust model that would be ideal for societies and clubs. The microscope has a large heavy duty base  and a stable long arm boom ideal for the insemination equipment. Magnification range x10 to x40.

Price - £514.89 + vat

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Bee Artificial Insemination Unit

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The BMSZ has a full zoom trinocular stereohead with a magnification range of x7.5 to x45 with the x10 widefield eyepieces. The range may be extended to include x3.5 to x180 with additional objectives and eyepieces. The zoom mechanism is operated by side arm control knobs. The eyetubes have full interpupillary and dioptric adjustment and eyecups are supplied as standard.

Price - £761.70 + vat

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We have a number of fibre optic units  and LED units available - all are low heat. Prices from  £65

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Low power microscopes Microscope Lighting

The long arm stereomicroscopes will need good illumination. This needs to avoid heat to prevent damage to the queen during the process. Cold light fibre optics or LED are really the only suitable solutions, and we have a number to choose from.

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Queen manipulation area

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A zoom stereomicroscope on a long arm base is recommended as the microscope configuration. The zoom allows an infinitely variable magnification best suited to the various procedures involved. Options from our range are shown below.

Effective lighting is essential and flexible arm units allow positioning to achieve good illumination of the operational area. Either LED flexible lighting or fibre optic systems are recommended.

Brunel BMSZ Long Arm

Brunel BMSZ Stereomicroscopes


The BMSZ long arm has excellent optical quality that we believe cannot be bettered at this price. Price £506 to £676

The BMZ long arm is our most popular model for commercial applications.

Price £1017

Brunel BMZ Long Arm

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The BMZ range of trinocular stereomicroscopes represents a modular approach in a series of instruments offering quality optical performance with versatility in illumination and stand options. Designed and constructed in a style comparable to the market leaders, the BMZ represents a modern approach at an extremely competitive price.The zoom ratio of the BMZ is 1:7 and the objective zoom range is x0.65 to x4.5. Giving a magnification range of x6.5 to x45 which can be extended with additional eyepieces and auxiliary objective lenses to x4.9 to x225.

Price - £1020.83 + vat

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For the complete video showing how the insemination system works click here

Single base system

All elements can be adjusted for ease of use