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Separate camera port with shared image

Brunel BSR Stereomicroscopes

The BSR series stereomicroscopes combine superb optics with excellent build quality. The stereo heads incorporate a parallel optical path design that virtually eliminates eyestrain. The BSR is a modular stereomicroscope system that allows specifications to suit all applications. x1 objective supplied as standard.

The standard trinocular stereohead has parallel optical paths with full interocular and dioptric adjustment. The continuous zoom control allows a magnification range of x6 to x50, that can be augmented with additional objectives and eyepieces. The imaging port that allows the addition of either a digital camera, CCTV unit or film SLR camera. The camera image can be made parfocal with the microscope image, and the unique image sharing system makes the BSR ideal for teaching and training with both the microscopist and observer being able to view the live image.

A wide range of objectives and eyepieces give the BSR the potential magnification range of x3 to x300. The microscope stands have a pole coarse adjustment with a rack and pinion fine focus system, and are available either plain or with inbuilt incident and transmitted illumination and with three types of long arm arrangement.

Stand Options:


Plain stand with pole coarse focus and rack and pinion fine focus.


LED illumination stand with rheostat brightness control of incident and transmitted illumination. Pole stand for coarse focus adjustment. This is a low level base hardly any thicker than the plain stage (ST1)


Double boom long arm heavy duty base, with a ball bearing gliding movement. Recommended for stability with long reach


Long range spring loaded extra boom arm with heavy duty base. Recommended for extended reach use.The unit can be adapted for extra long use and moderate reach use depending on the configuration selected at any particular time.


Bench clamp long arm that will attach to the edge of any normal thickness bench. Alternatively this unit can be supplied attached to its own ‘bench top’ which is a rectangular block board covered in laminate.


LED fine focus stand. This is an extremely versatile stand with rheostat brightness control of LED incident and transmitted lighting. Coarse and fine focus with rack and pinion movement throughout the stand height. Ideal for smaller specimens that require accurate focus - particularly for photomicrography.

Price BSR + Plain stand (ST1) - £879.17

Price BSR + LED illumination stand (ST2) - £978.33

Price BSR + Single boom long arm - £1095.83

Price BSR + Double boom long arm (ST3) - £1300.00

Price BSR + Hydraulic arm (ST4) - £1351.67

Price BSR + Bench clamp (ST5) - £1278.33

Price BSR + Fine focus stand (ST6) - £1112.50

Brunel BSR Series Microscope Accessories

The BSR series has a range of accessories and are all available from our online shop.

x15 widefield eyepiece                  BSR-01


x0.3 CCTV adapter                        BSR-09


x20 widefield eyepiece                  BSR-02


Carrying Case (ST1/2 & 6)            BSR-10


x25 widefield eyepiece                  BSR-03


Stage micrometer                         BSR-11


x30 widefield eyepiece                  BSR-04


SLR camera  adapter                    BSR-12


x10 measuring eyepiece               BSR-05


T2 ring state camera make            BSR-13


x0.5 objective lens                       BSR-06


LED ring light                                BSR-14


x1.5 objective lens                       BSR-07


Incident bulb  ST2 only                  BSR-15


x2 objective lens                         BSR-08


Transmitted strip light ST2 only       BSR-16


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Brunel BSR dual illumination

Brunel BSR LED stand ST2

Brunel BSR extra reach boom stand ST4

Brunel BSR plain stand ST1

Brunel BSR carrying case

Brunel BSR double boom stand ST3

Brunel BSR with XY micrometer on plain stand

Brunel Gliding Stage

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73 - 8.8 mm

53.3 - 6.4 mm

43.3 - 5.2 mm

40 - 4.4 mm


36.7 - 4.4mm

26.7 - 3.2mm

21.6 - 2.6mm

20 - 2.4mm


24.4 - 2.9mm

17.7 - 2.1mm

14.4 - 1.7mm

13.3 - 1.6mm


16.9 - 2.5mm

12.3 - 1.8mm

10 - 1.4mm

9.2 - 1.3mm









x4.9 - x33.8

x7.3 - x50.6

x9.75 - x67.5

x12.2 - x84.4



x6.6 - x45

x9.8 - x67.5

x13 - x90

x16.3 - x112.5



x9.8 - x67.5

x14.6 - x101.3

x19.5 - x135

x24.4 - x168.8



x13 - x90

x19.5 - x135

x26 - x180

x32.5 - x225


Brunel BSR bench clamp stand ST5

Brunel BSR stand ST6

Brunel BSR mechanical stage

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