A durable zoom stereomicroscope series at a very economic price

Brunel IMXZ Stereomicroscopes

Brunel IMXZ Series Microscope Accessories

The IMXZ has an excellent finish and offers a wide range of accessories including photography attachments. A very useful accessory is the 240v fluorescent ring light, which is a very cost effective alternative to fibre-optic ring lighting. This lighting option will fit all IMXZ stereoheads. Stand alone light units are available for the long arm stand version.

x5 widefield eyepiece (pair)           IMXZ-01


T2 ring (state camera)                  IMXZ-07


x15 widefield eyepiece (pair)         IMXZ-02


Universal SLR photo adapter         IMXZ-08


x20 widefield eyepiece (pair)         IMXZ-03


Fluorescent strip ring light             IMXZ-10


x0.5 supplementary objective        IMXZ-04


CCTV reducing adapter                 IMXZ-11


x1.5 supplementary objective        IMXZ-05


x10 measuring eyepiece               IMXZ-12


x2 supplementary objective           IMXZ-06


Aluminium  Case (coarse/fine focus bases only)                                                   IMXZ-13


Brunel IMXZ on variable lighting fine focus stand

Brunel IMXZ on Long Arm stand

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The Brunel IMX range of stereomicroscopes are particularly suited to industrial and heavy duty applications and combine economy with durability. The stereohead is a trinocular zoom unit that is available with either a plain non illuminated stand, a stand with both incident and transmitted illumination or as a long arm option. In addition the series also includes a unit with an inbuilt digital camera and a specialist Gemscope version

IMXZ Zoom Stereo head

Probably the best value for money trinocular zoom stereo currently available. The stereo head has double side arm zoom controls with a continuous range of x1 to x4 giving a magnification range of x10 to x40 with the super widefield x10 eyepieces. Each eyetube has independent focus control that allows the specimen to remain in focus throughout the magnification zoom.The head is fully rotatable within the focus block, and a pull lever diverts light to the trinocular eyetube when needed for photography. Digital camera adapters are available together with CCTV accessories.

The bottom of the stereohead turret has an internal screw thread that allows additional supplementary objective lenses, polarising adapters and either an LED or fluorescent strip ring lights to be attached .

IMXZD Digital Zoom Stereo head

This is the same optical specification as described above but the microscope has an inbuilt digital camera that can be connected directly to a laptop or PC. The camera has a 1.3M pixel CMOS chip and is supported by software that is suitable for Windows Vista,7, 8 and 10 in both 32 and 64 bit (but not MAC). This software is included with the microscope along with the necessary drivers. Step by step instructions are provided that require relatively little computer knowledge to get things working. The software allows.

IMXZ Stand Options

Both the IMXZ and IMXZD stereoheads can be supplied with either of the following stand options.

Plain Stand

The plain stand has a large stable base, and is complete with stage clips and black/white dissection plate. Pole height adjustment and single focus control.

Dual Illumination Stand

The dual illumination base has the same structure as the plain base but has two rheostat controlled light sources. One in the base of the stand for transmitted lighting and one behind the focus block for incident illumination. Both have toggle on/off switches.

LED Variable lighting with fine focus system

This is an exceptional specification for the price. The stand has the same ergonomic design with both frosted glass and opaque black/white stage plates. However, both the incident and transmitted lighting systems are rheostat controlled LED that allows the illumination to be adjusted to suit the specimen type. In addition the focus block has both a coarse and fine focus rack and pinion system making exact focus particularly for photography an easy process. This is a very unusual feature in a stereomicroscope in this price range and is exclusive to Brunel Microscopes.

LED Variable lighting with double flexible arm top light

This is one of the most recent additions to our range of stereomicroscopes. The IMXZ stereomicroscope head can now be supplied with LED lighting that is in the form of the standard transmitted light  but also has two independently flexible light top arm units that can be positioned in any direction to produce the lighting effect that best suits the specimen type. Both lights have separate brightness controls. The unit has coarse and fine focus system with a frosted glass dissection plate.

Long Arm Boom Stand

The IMXZ head can also be supplied with a single boom long arm stand with heavy duty base.

IMXZ Gemscope

The IMXZ Gemscope has the same optical configuration and is supplied as binocular. The unit is available only on a halogen stand designed to be suitable for gem inspection. The base has transmitted halogen dark field illumination with an incident halogen light positioned behind the stereohead, both have brightness control. A gem clamp is attached to the base. In addition it has a strip light on an adjustable arm attached to the front of the base. The entire unit is finished in black enamel.  


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Brunel IMXZ on plain stand

Aluminium attache case for coarse/fine base only

Brunel IMXZ on coarse/fine focus stand

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Gemscope base




Brunel IMXZD on dual light stand

IMXZ Gemscope Binocular

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