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Used when standard microscopes are not appropriate

Handheld Digital Microscopes

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Introducing the Dino-Lite Digital Microscope

These compact devices are simple to use, totally portable and provide high resolution magnification up to 900x and 5M pixel! The extensive product range offers solutions for a wide range of applications and all at very competitive prices. Used handheld or with one of the optional stands a Dino-Lite digital microscope provides a cost effective and highly flexible solution to detailed inspection.

Dino-Lite USB models offer USB2.0 or high speed USB3.0 computer connectivity and support both Windows and Mac systems. The included DinoCapture 2.0 software (DinoXcope for Mac) allows still images, real-time and time-lapsed video streams to be captured quickly and easily. Other functionality includes the ability to annotate captured images with text and graphics. Comprehensive measurement functionality is also available with most models. For a full description of the DinoCapture software click on the link below.

DinoCapture Software Details

Model Types:

There are over 150 models in the Dino-Lite range with several connectivity options, together with specialised illumination systems, stands and accessories. This can make choosing the correct model challenging so we have attempted to simplify the decision making process.

The complete Dino-Lite product range includes:

Within the Universal, High Magnification and Long Working Distance groupings there are additional application options

 1. Edge - as the name suggests those models denoted Edge actually have an edge giving superior image quality and greater flexibility for professional applications

 2. EDOF - these models have an extended depth of field which is also known as image stacking. This combines automatically multiple images taken at different focus distances to give a final image in focus throughout. Some example images are shown on later pages. Models that begin with the following codes will have EDOF - AM4815, AM7915 and AM73915

 3. EDR - Extended Dynamic Range is an image processing tool for surfaces with a large variation in brightness. The EDR capture tool allows a more neutral image.

 4 Polarising Filter - a polariser is an optical filter which is used for reducing reflections on shiny objects and for improving contrast. All models that in Z in the product code have these.

 5, FLC - Flexible LED Control models with this feature can have the LED’s divided into four different quadrants which can be adjusted separately. All models with codes beginin AM7115, AM73, AM7515 and AM7915 have this feature.

 6. AMR - Automatic Magnification Reading. This detects and displays the magnification which is displayed within the software and stored within the captured picture.

All these features make the Dino-Lite digital microscope range an ideal solution for countless applications. The number of different models that are available for selection is considerable and a selection of the most popular from each section are described.